About us

When two “horse lovers” get in touch it is inevitabile that something very special happens in their life.

Filippo inherited his passion for horses from his grandfather, a cavalry soldier in World War Two. He began to ride when he was 7 years old and received his first horse at 13.
From that moment his passion grew and developed, expanding into farriery and training, which became eventually his every day work.
Over the years he has never stopped studying, searching and perfectioning himself in the various equestrian disciplines especially in Classical Academic Riding and Dressage.

Valentina met Filippo after years of love for horses and looking for someone who could help her study in depth the strong natural tie that she felt wiyh these animals.

Today, together, we have a goal: we would like to comunicate the Respect and the love that horses deserve and to make people feel the Special Bond between human being and horses, apparently so distant but intimately so close.
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